At One With The Environment

Can you imagine a recreational lifestyle in a luxury ‘A’ frame Lodge.
A concept that is relatively rare currently in the UK all be for some notable exceptions.
What attracted Sanctuary Estates to the ‘A’ frame concept, other than their engineering design and construction, is that they are more visually sympathetic with the natural environment…
Sanctuary has been working on a special project for the last 2 years, researching and planning the construction of 18 luxury ‘A’ lodges deep in a forest in Wales – unfortunately a location we cannot divulge at this stage because of its commercial sensitivity.
The project has been a massive learning curve dealing with the various stakeholders and the public & private planning and environmental bodies who share with the common objective of protecting the natural environment whilst realising the increased demand for recreational lifestyle development close to nature.

This has involved Sanctuary in all sorts of collaborations with environmentalists, flora & fauna, animal rights groups and even testing the potential impacts of light pollution.
All these things considered, together with our planning partners and the patience of the main investor we have now arrived at a solution and a green light along with a set of environmental conditions we fully support and are respectfully adhering to.
Foundation and Infrastructure work has already been completed which requires strict adherence to the conditions when clearing access tracks through the forest and forming foundation bases for the lodges.

On the fabrication/construction side we have used our own wealth of experience in construction and bespoke carpentry to exhaustedly research the various design and construction methods, researching techniques deployed by ‘A’ frame constructors from the Nordics, to Scandinavia, to the States, to the Middle East and the Eastern bloc. A fascinating exercise in itself and concluding in what we believe is a best solution which is architecturally pleasing and construction/engineering optimal.

So, if you are imagining and have the aspirations of a luxury ‘A’ frame lifestyle development on a site you own or have rights to, we would be delighted to share our experiences to date and assist in any way we can with a proposed project.